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What are Football Betting Tips? Most Common Types of Tips

Many newbie punters will not know what Football Betting Tips are. Therefore, this article by Wintips will share some information about this football tips tomorrow for you. Refer to the following content to understand more about each type of tips corresponding to different odds.

What are Football Betting Tips?

This term is called "Soccer Tips" or "Football Tips" in English. These are the most objective assessments of a match based on various sources of information. And of course, to obtain quality information, you have to spend money to purchase it. These sources of information are called Football Betting Tips. Although there are still many free tips available, the quality is certainly not high.

Simply put, tips are mostly provided by people working within the football teams or bookmakers. Once you have the tips, you will definitely have a more accurate assessment of the match. The accuracy rate can be up to over 90%. This is also the reason why many bookmakers often contact those working within the football teams. They want to get the best tips to analyze the odds for players. Let's explore the types of tips through the information below.

Most Common Types of Football Betting Tips

There are many types of odds for punters to choose from in football betting. For this reason, there are also many different types of tips. Here is a compilation of the most common types of tips that punters often encounter.

European Handicap Tips

This type of tip originates from the West, more precisely from Europe. If you often bet on European Handicap odds, you will definitely try to purchase European Handicap Football Betting Tips. Because if the tips originate from here, it will be easier to analyze and predict the odds.

This is one of the three most common types of betting tips for players. The accuracy of European Handicap tips is quite random, about 50-50. Therefore, when using this type of tip, you must be a player with a good mindset. You must be able to make accurate predictions and analyses to have a chance of winning the bet. It's also thanks to its randomness that if you win, the profit margin will be very high.

Asian Handicap Tips

Besides European Handicap tips, there are also Asian Handicap Football Betting Tips. This type of tip is usually for Asian punters to compete against each other. Asian Handicap tips also have another name, which is Handicap Tips. Typically, this type of tip will provide handicap betting odds based on numerical values.

In fact, playing Asian Handicap is much more complex than European Handicap, requiring a more sophisticated mindset. If European Handicap tips require you to be good at prediction because the chance of winning is only 50-50, Asian Handicap tips require your intellect because they are quite difficult to play. Therefore, punters need to understand the essence of this type of odds to use tips most effectively.

Over/Under Tips

Over/Under betting is considered easier than Asian Handicap. Therefore, using Over/Under Football Betting Tips also does not require too much from the player. Over/Under tips also have another name, which is Tips Over/Under. Although easier to play and predict compared to European Handicap and Asian Handicap tips, punters should not underestimate this type of tips. Because the price of each type of tip is quite high, so pay attention to each piece of information to make the most accurate choice.

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How are betting tips traded?

Betting tips in football are often confidential pieces of information disclosed outside. Therefore, the trading activities of tips must be conducted discreetly. Typically, customers and tip sellers will not meet directly for exchanges. All tip trading activities will be conducted through the internet. The tools that tip traders often use include phone numbers, email, and websites.

Due to the prevalence of online trading, there are many risks of fraud. Furthermore, betting tips come with a considerable price. Therefore, if you intend to trade tips, make sure to thoroughly check the credibility of the tipster. There have been numerous instances where tip buyers were misled by sellers or where sellers were deceived by non-paying buyers. If any signs of fraud are detected, request an immediate refund for the purchased tips. The higher the quality of tips and the more detailed the source, the higher the price.

Is it really necessary to buy football tips?

Many people, after researching the costs of tips, often feel shocked, leading them to question whether buying tips for betting is truly necessary. In reality, many bookmakers on the market act as intermediaries for players to purchase tips for odds analysis. However, not all bookmakers genuinely provide this service to their players.

Therefore, buying football tips has become a familiar practice in the betting community. Many financially stable bettors are willing to invest a significant amount of money in purchasing tips. This not only increases their chances of winning bets but also establishes credibility among other players. Simply put, if you have a stable financial situation, do not hesitate to buy tips for odds analysis.

Signs of identifying fraudulent and dishonest tips

Not all tips are trustworthy for trading. Many people exploit tips to scam players out of their money. Below are some signs to help identify fraudulent and dishonest tips:

Websites selling tips or information about the seller are unclear, lacking specific addresses.

The phone number of the football tip seller is not transparently disclosed.

Fraudulent tips always claim a 100% win rate but sell low-quality tips to players. Typically, they frequently advertise tips claiming a 100% win rate on betting websites.

Providing tips without basis, essentially fabricating tips.


In this article, the website specializing in odds analysis, Wintips, has provided you with the most detailed information and experiences regarding football tips app . With the signs of identifying fraudulent and dishonest tips mentioned above, you will gain more accurate experiences in purchasing tips.


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