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Is Betting Over/Under for the Entire Match Inclusive of Extra Time? What About Other Football Bets?

When confronted with the question of whether betting over/under for the entire match includes extra time, how would you respond? This issue may seem ordinary at football tips of the day  but it determines the outcome of the entire wager.

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Does Betting Over/Under for the Entire Match Include Extra Time?

Betting over/under for the entire match DOES NOT count the time played in extra time. According to the rules of reputable betting sites, Over/Under only considers goals scored during regular playing time.

Therefore, extra time cannot be factored into this type of bet to ensure objectivity. Consider this: not every match goes into extra time, so it wouldn't be fair.

Typically, extra time sees more goals scored, as both teams' stamina has significantly diminished. If these goals were to be included in the Over/Under bet, almost 90% of matches would lean towards the over.

Explaining Over/Under Betting with Extra Time Consideration:

Regular playing time for Over/Under bets includes the 90 minutes of regulation time plus stoppage time in both halves. Usually, all the popular betting markets only consider results within this timeframe.

However, if you wish to place a bet on over/under for extra time, you still can. If the match proceeds to extra time, bookmakers promptly offer odds for it. You can place your bets before it begins or opt for live betting during the extra time period.

So, the answer to whether betting over/under for the entire match includes extra time is definitely No. You can still analyze and place your bets as usual without worrying about whether extra time will occur.

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Do Other Football Bets Include Extra Time? (Other Bet Types)

Apart from the inquiry into whether betting over/under for the entire match includes extra time, bettors also raise similar questions about other types of bets. Let's address all such queries in today's article.

Does 1x2 Betting Include Extra Time?

1x2 betting, also known as the Match Result market, is favored by many bettors due to its high win rates. Although the favored team receives low odds, making it a safer option, 1x2 bets do not consider extra time.

The result in 1x2 betting isn't concerned with the actual score, making it accessible even for novice bettors. After the conclusion of regulation time, the outcome is determined by three possibilities:

1: Home team wins

x: Match ends in a draw

2: Away team wins

Does Handicap Betting Include Extra Time? (Asian Handicap)

Asian Handicap betting, a favorite in Vietnam, evens out the odds between teams by applying a handicap. This balances the odds and reduces the disparity between teams, unlike 1x2 bets.

However, you must pay close attention to the final score to determine your win or loss. Like other bet types, Handicap betting does not consider results during extra time. You can place additional bets for extra time if you wish.

Does In-Play Betting Include Extra Time? (Live Betting)

In-play betting occurs throughout the match, from the start until the end of extra time if applicable. It's a unique form of betting that encompasses various markets, including Asian Handicap, Match Result, and Over/Under. Engaging in this type of betting requires closely monitoring the match and seizing favorable opportunities.

Does Correct Score Betting Include Extra Time?

Correct score betting distinguishes between regular playing time and extra time. If you wager on both halves of the match, only 90 minutes plus stoppage time are considered.

Conversely, you can only bet on extra time if the match requires it to determine the outcome. Betting on the correct score for extra time demands accurate prediction based on prior match developments.

Does Betting on Kubet Include Extra Time?

Kubet, one of the largest online sports betting platforms in Vietnam, promptly updates its markets, including those for extra time, if applicable.

Answering Queries Regarding Kubet Betting:

Despite the millions of players participating in football betting on Kubet, the platform continues to serve all its customers diligently. Over the years, there have been no significant complaints about the platform's services.

Does Betting Include Stoppage Time?

As briefly mentioned earlier, all major football bets today consider both regular playing time and stoppage time. This means that results are only determined after 90 minutes plus stoppage time in both halves.

This additional time is considered official playing time, so it's crucial not to disregard it. If a betting platform doesn't include stoppage time in its results, it's advisable to avoid using it.

Where Do Betting Odds Come From?

Answering the question of whether football betting includes extra time isn't overly challenging. However, many might not know where the betting odds come from.

Major betting platforms have extensive teams of experts who analyze odds for each match. They set the odds based on all available information about the two teams.

However, smaller platforms can't invest as much in odds analysis. They often source their odds from a common reputable source, resulting in identical odds. Larger platforms may have slightly different odds to each other, sometimes differing by only 0.01 or 0.02.

Is It Worth Betting on Extra Time?

The answer to whether betting over/under for the entire match includes extra time is clear: No. But if you still want to bet on extra time, should you?

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Finding Answers to Extra Time Betting Queries:

My answer is, it depends on your confidence and expertise. Extra time lasts for just 30 minutes, which is one-third of regular playing time. Therefore, betting on extra time carries more risk, especially if you're not closely following the match developments.

Sometimes, even with close attention, it's challenging to predict the outcome, especially when the teams are evenly matched. Betting on extra time requires bettors to make extremely accurate predictions.


The answer to whether betting over/under for the entire match includes extra time is a definite No. However, you can still bet on extra time if you wish. Simply wait for the online bookmakers to offer updated odds and place your bets to seize additional opportunities to win.


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